Longford Water Conservation Project Network Rehabilitation Map

Work will commence soon in Teffia Park where all remaining “old” services will be replaced between now and Christmas. Some areas of Teffia Park were completed last year and all remaining houses will receive new service pipes as part of these works. Virtually all these service pipes are currently located in householder’s back yards so the contractor will need to carry out a large amount of work at the rear of all the dwelling. Employees of both Longford County Council and ShareRidge Ltd. will be calling to all affected dwellings in the coming weeks and will carry Identification with them. Please ask for ID if in doubt.

Waterrmains will also have to be installed along the various roads within Teffia Park Estate and during the course of these works there will be temporary traffic lights in place to control traffic flows through the works.  All areas within Teffia Park and adjacent areas such as Padraig Columb Heights, Golf View and Glack will experience water disruption over the coming weeks. Generally these interruptions should be for less than 4 hours duration however some may be longer. Supplies will be restored each evening if at all possible. Temporary over ground supplies may also be provided to some locations.

As the works progress along any section or street the residents of that area directly affected by the work will receive a letter from the contractor outlining the expected duration etc. However other adjacent areas not within the works area may be affected also and these may not receive notification. Due to the nature of the works it is not possible to notify all affected residents all the time as emergency shutoffs may be required from time to time.

Customers who experience water shut off or restrictions in pressure will sometimes notice a slight discoloring of the water immediately after supply is restored. If this does happen you should run the water until it clears, it will be fine to use at this point.

On completion of this work you will find the following benefits to you:

  1. The water pressure will improve due to the larger water mains and new pipes.
  2. The flow will also improve due to the larger water pipe.
  3. A new stop-cock control will be sited off the property in front of the house for your house alone.
  4. The new stopcock will be easier to access and simpler to operate should you have an internal water problem and need to turn off the water quickly.

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