Millennium Stadium Becomes UK’s First Sustainable Event Arena

The Millennium Stadium in Wales has successfully achieved certification to BS 8901 making it the UK’s first certifiably sustainable event stadium. The standard for Sustainability Management Systems for Events confirms the venue’s commitment to managing the social, economic and environmental impact of events at the Millennium Stadium.

Achieving BS 8901 is a major feat for Cardiff’s iconic stadium which was built in 1999 without many of the innovative design elements in new stadia. The certificate comes less than one year after the stadium bid to improve its sustainability credentials in line with the standard – which was launched in September 2010.

“To attain the standard ahead of any other UK venue is a fantastic achievement and this is especially impressive when you consider the size and structure of our building, which was built over a decade ago,” comments Millennium Stadium general manager Gerry Toms. “Sustainability has brought its challenges but with a lot of hard work we have proved that we can run our business more efficiently and build for the future.”

The stadium’s unique palletised pitch system has played an important part, with rainwater harvesting below the grass beds, the re-use of root zone and the recycling of the 40mm rye grass turf in rugby clubs throughout South Wales.

At the Millennium Stadium, additional design elements include infra red controls fitted in the urinals to prevent unnecessary flushing, meters to monitor energy and water consumption, new LED lighting and lighting controls and alternative methods of water heating to allow boilers to be shut down in summer. As well as the inbuilt design elements, sustainable operational initiatives are also important such as the promotion of public transport via the venue’s stakeholders on event day.

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