Manchester Airport Targets Zero Waste

Manchester Airport and MITIE, the strategic outsourcing and energy services company, have signed a deal to support achieving a target of zero waste to landfill from the international airport by 2030. The £1.5m contract will run for three years with possible extension of two years.

MITIE’s work at Manchester Airport will include the installation of a mini Material Recycling Facility (MRF), treating aircraft waste on-site and expanding further recycling schemes in public areas, such as placing mixed-recycling bins beside all general waste bins.

The busiest airport outside of London, Manchester International Airport serves over 18 million passengers each year. The contract award adds to MITIE’s portfolio of work in the aviation sector and at airports across the UK. Cardiff Airport together with MITIE improved its recycling rate from 20% to 75% within nine months; in May named MITIE its Commercial Recycling Champion in partnership with the airport.

Andrew Harrison, managing director of Manchester Airport, says: “We have our own targets to increase recycling and waste recovery rates at the airport and the new contract will assist us in achieving those aims. We are already generating less waste despite increasing passenger numbers and we are continuing to work alongside our airline and retail partners to increase recycling rates.”

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