‘Biodiversity Around the World’ – New Exhibit at Galway Atlantaquaria

A new exhibit, labelled ‘Biodiversity around the World’, has just opened at Galway Atlantaquaria. Galway Atlantaquaria is the largest aquarium in Ireland and focuses mainly on the display of native aquatic animals and habitats. Biodiversity in Ireland and indeed around the world is a growing issue. In Ireland invasive plants and animals pose a major threat to some of our indigenous species and habitats and the same is the case internationally.

This ‘Biodiversity around the World’ exhibit at Galway Atlantaquaria combines information on invasive species in Ireland with the loss of biodiversity internationally. It highlights the amazing diversity of life in the Great Lakes in Africa, with a tank based on Lake Malawi. The Amazon basin and the tropical rainforests is another area of amazing biodiversity and the fish of the Amazon River are represented here too with shoals of piranhas and other fish.

The new exhibit is a celebration of the amazing variety of fish that exist around the world and complements the aquarium’s underlying theme of the wonder of the aquatic world and the importance of appreciating and protecting it. For more information visit www.nationalaquarium.ie.

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