Scientist James Lovelock Wins Lifetime Accolade at The Observer Ethical Awards 2011

World-renowned scientist, James Lovelock, has won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2011 Observer Ethical Awards, in association with Ecover. Lovelock, the originator of the Gaia hypothesis, was recognised for pioneering a model that now forms the basis of climate science.

The Observer Ethical Awards honour the vital work of those who champion environmental and social justice. The judges felt that this year’s winners represented the best in ethical living and showed an imaginative and innovative approach to working towards a more sustainable future.

Other winners include Pavegen, the engineering company set up by young British innovator Laurence Kemball-Cook and is the recipient of the Big Idea award. Pavegen engineers have created flooring that captures wasted kinetic energy from our footsteps to generate electricity. The panel of judges admired the way this could revolutionise the perception of renewable energy.

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