Irish Companies and Researchers Urged to Access €3.2 Billion European Public-Private Partnership Funding Initiative

Enterprise Ireland has announced that the latest round of funding from the €3.2 billion industry-focused initiatives under the EU’s €50 billion Framework Programme 7 (FP7) budget will be available to Irish businesses from mid-July. These Public Private Partnership initiatives are aimed at those sectors most affected by the economic downturn, namely manufacturing, construction and automotive.

Enterprise Ireland is urging companies and researchers to collaborate and apply to the fund. The three areas are:

1. Factories of the Future: €1.2 billion has been committed for the development and innovation of new enabling technologies for the EU manufacturing sector.

2 Energy-efficient Buildings: €1 billion has been committed for methods and technologies to slash energy consumption and CO2 emissions of new and renovated buildings.

3 Green Cars: €1 billion has been committed to developing technologies for more environmentally friendly vehicles.

FP7 funding is a European research and innovation fund designed to incentivise businesses and scientists to join forces to collaborate on developing technologies and products of the future. In the first four years of the framework Programme, Ireland has secured €270 million in funding, with €67 million of this going to companies.

“As well as the funding, other direct benefits for companies include access to technologies and expertise that will support the development and growth of business internationally and for academic researchers to get involved in cutting edge industry focused applied research projects,” says director of the National Support Network for FP7 in Ireland, Dr Imelda Lambkin of Enterprise Ireland.

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