Researchers Working For the Development of Next Generation Energy Technologies

Researchers from over 70 institutions funded by ten European energy research funding institutions will come together at the first annual congress of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), to be held in Brussels on 11-12 April during European Union Sustainable Energy Week. EERA was founded by the EC as part of the Strategic Technology Energy Plan–SET-Plan (set up by the European Commission to reach the energy and climate targets for 2020).

EEERA has already launched seven joint programmes in the fields of smart grids, geothermal, photovoltaic, wind, carbon capture and storage, and materials for nuclear and bioenergy. Additional programmes in concentrated solar power, marine energy, smart cities, advanced materials and processes for energy applications and energy storage are planned.

EERA’s co-operative, strategic energy programmes are intended to enable European researchers to move to a position of leadership globally in a number of these technologies. They provide opportunities for co-operation that will accelerate the development of new technologies and will optimise conditions for individual research groups across Europe giving them enhanced access to knowledge and facilities. All the programmes are open to new participants in order to create a real and active European research area in the field of energy.

To underline the importance of collaborative energy research, the first EERA annual congress will conclude with a high level political session at the European Parliament.

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