Calor to Showcase Latest Micro CHP Technology

Calor will be showcasing the latest in Combined Heat and Power microgeneration technology (micro CHP) at the Energy Show 2011, running from 30th–31st March at the RDS, Dublin. Micro CHP technology allows heat and electricity to be produced locally from the one fuel source, which reduces the necessity for small and medium sized businesses to take power from the national grid. Calor has partnered with the leading micro CHP manufacturer Baxi, to bring the very latest mCHP system to the Irish LPG marketplace.

CHP applications powered by LPG can be complemented by renewable and energy efficient technologies like wind and solar. As LPG is a clean burning fuel, it emits less CO2 than most other conventional fuels. Research by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has shown that, in a kilowatt hour, LPG emits 58% less CO2 than electricity, 33% less CO2 than coal, and 11% less CO2 than oil.

LPG is extremely versatile and one of the key benefits of micro CHP technology for businesses is that many applications can run simultaneously, such as instantaneous water heating, space heating/cooling and air conditioning. Calor recently introduced a new sustainability programme with the primary goal of reducing carbon emissions by 25% by 2020. More information on microgeneration technology can be found at

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