Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage Project

Scottish and Southern Energy has submitted a proposal under the EU’s NER300 funding process to develop a carbon capture and storage project at its gas-fired power station in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. Shell UK and Petrofac subsidiary CO2 DeepStore will also be participating in the project by providing the offshore transport and storage elements of the proposal.

The proposed project will design and develop a full chain, post-combustion CCS facility which will be capable of capturing the CO2 from one 385 MW combined cycle gas turbine unit at Peterhead Power Station. Current plans are that the CO2 will then be transported via an existing underground pipeline to St Fergus for further compression and then transported via an undersea pipeline to an existing gas reservoir in the North Sea operated by Shell UK that will have ceased production.

The project is sized to be able to participate in both the EU’s NER300 and UK Department of Energy and Climate Change funding programmes which are aimed at stimulating and encouraging investment in CCS.

The UK Government announced in November 2010 that the second phase of the £9 billion carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration programme – the three projects that will follow the first demonstration – will be open to projects on gas-fired power plants as well as coal-fired power plants.

”If long-term targets for reducing emissions are to be met, CCS technology must be applied as widely as possible. We therefore welcomed the Government’s decision to include gas-fired generation plant in its CCS demonstration programme,” says Ian Marchant, chief executive of SSE. “However, the development of a commercial-scale CCS demonstration project presents significant challenges and will require appropriate levels of support from both the EU and UK government.”

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