Energys Launches New Range of Retrofit Energy Saving Boiler Solutions

Specialist in low-carbon retrofit technologies, Energys Group is launching a new portfolio of boiler and heating solutions to make plant rooms more efficient and provide customers with energy savings of 15–30%.

Front and centre of the new ‘Energy Saving Boiler Solutions’ range from Energys is the Dynamic Boiler Management Unit (DBMU), an ‘intelligent’ boiler control that reduces the number of times a boiler fires up. This in turn reduces the wasted oil or gas due to incomplete burn at start up, without affecting the temperature of a building. The DBMU is also able to work alongside a building management system, thereby providing additional control over energy consumption.

The DBMU joins Energys’s award-winning lighting converter, ‘Save It Easy’ as a retrofit product proven to unlock carbon savings and reduce energy bills.

Independent testing by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) found that the DBMU cuts fuel consumption (oil or gas) by 16%, although other customers have recorded energy savings of up to 30%.

As a reflection of the proven technology at work in the DBMU, Energys is offering new customers a money-back guarantee if they do not record energy savings of 10% or more. What’s more, payback on the DBMU is typically achieved in less than two years.

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