Emerson Network Power’s Chloride Trinergy UPS Endorsed By SEAI

Emerson Network Power has announced that its Chloride Trinergy UPS has been added to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Triple E product list. The list is a register of products that, under the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) scheme, allows businesses to write off the whole cost of equipment against taxable profits in the year of purchase, providing a financial incentive to invest in energy-saving equipment.

“The ACA Scheme is a key part of the SEAI’s programme to promote sustainable technologies and practices, by improving the business case for securing energy-saving equipment,” explains Mike Le Peuple, general manager of the Chloride Products & Services business of Emerson Network Power in Ireland. “The ACA system provides big, positive tax incentives to enable users to justify the purchase of the most efficient technologies in the world. Products have to meet formal criteria in order to be specified on the Triple E list, and typically pay for themselves quite rapidly.”

The Triple E is a searchable listing of energy efficient equipment and trained installers. The scheme sets minimum criteria that products and installers are required to meet to be included on the list. For products, these criteria are regularly updated, and ensure that only the top 10-15 percent of the most energy efficient products in any technology are listed. Installers must have passed up-to-date, relevant training, and, in some circumstances, approved manufacturer training as well.

Chloride Trinergy is the most energy efficient Class 1 UPS currently available for protecting mission critical infrastructure, such as Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centres, from disruptions to mains power supply. It is the first UPS that is automatically able to select the most appropriate of the three industry standard operating configurations – Maximum Power Control (VFI), Maximum Energy Saving (VFD) and Power Conditioning (VI). Its modular design means that it can grow from 200 kW as the site requires, up to a maximum of 9.6 MW of active power, minimising initial capital costs and avoiding the dramatic loss of efficiency that usually results from operating UPS at partial loads.

“Chloride Trinergy is able to provide the exact power conditioning necessary by intelligently choosing the most efficient means of compensating disturbances. By using only the energy necessary to smooth out disturbances, it achieves a 4 percent to 7 percent greater efficiency than standard medium and high power UPS,” says Mike Le Peuple. “Its unique architecture and technology allows it to achieve an average working efficiency of 97.9 percent in typical data centre conditions, resulting in outstanding energy and running cost savings.”

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