UK Business Benefits From Competitive Energy Market

UK businesses are reaping the rewards of an extremely competitive energy market, as new market entrants and specialist small providers drive up standards and lower costs, according to latest research from independent analyst, Datamonitor.

The research, based on interviews with 2,000 major energy using businesses (companies spending over £50,000 per year on either gas or power), found that suppliers are using a variety of strategies to attract customers in the extremely competitive market. These strategies include extremely competitive propositions from the likes of Gazprom, to exceptional service as seen from SmartestEnergy, Haven Power and Shell Gas Direct.

“Small suppliers have entered the market and have been able to set new benchmarks in service delivery by focusing on a small customer base and being able to react quickly to customer demands,” comments David Mayne, energy market analyst at Datamonitor. “As a result, small suppliers Smartestenergy and Haven Power achieved first and second place respectively for highest customer satisfaction in 2010. Gas specialist Shell Gas Direct has topped the rankings for highest customer satisfaction for a gas supplier since 2008.”

He continues: “This has had a knock-on effect, with larger more established players adamant that they are not going to be left behind, and striving to improve their performance. SSE and EDF Energy, in third and fourth place in the rankings table, have shown that this is possible. This is only good news for the end user.”

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