EPA’s Climate Change Lecture Series Now Available on EPA’s YouTube Channel

All the lectures from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) climate change lecture series are now available on YouTube at www.YouTube.com/EPAIreland. On 23rd November 2010 Mary Robinson spoke to a record crowd at the EPA’s lecture in the Mansion House.  The focus of her lecture, Reshaping the Debate on Climate Change , was about the need to address the issue of justice in the developing world while addressing the pressing issue of climate change. This lecture is now also available on the EPA’s YouTube channel.

The EPA has also uploaded many other videos on environmental themes. These include:

* A Burning Question, the Duncan Stewart/RTE full-length documentary on climate change;

* Excerpts from the Eco-Eye TV series – covering issues such as water quality, waste production, biodiversity, Green Schools and the Green Home programme and many other environmental issues;

* An animated video about what the EPA does.

“The EPA is always looking at new ways to engage with new audiences. People who are actively seeking specific information use social media channels such as YouTube and we have established our own channel recently to facilitate these users. We are finding it a useful way to provide environmental information to a wider audience who can spread the information among their own online networks,” explains Dr Matt Crowe, director of the EPA’s Office of Communications and Corporate Services.

The EPA lecture series continues in 2011 with lecture 12: Climate Change – The Transport Challenge on Tuesday 1st February and lecture 13: Climate Change & Agriculture: ensuring food production is not threatened on Tuesday 15th March. Both of these talks will also be made available on YouTube.

The EPA has also established Twitter feeds. See www.twitter.com/EPAClimateNews for short, timely updates from the EPA’s Climate Change Unit.

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