Bus Eireann Rolls Out Eco-driving

Having trained 250 of its drivers in eco-driving techniques following successful trials in several areas of the country, Bus Eireann is confident of significantly reducing its fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions during 2011. Indeed, Eco-driving and fuel monitoring could save Bus Eireann over €1.5 million a year while cutting emissions.

Eco-driving involves driving in a style suited to modern engine technology that includes having the vehicle in the optimum gear, ensuring the engine is in the most efficient rev. range, and watching the road farther ahead in order to anticipate changes required in vehicle speed. In addition to reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions, eco-driving can reduce vehicle operating costs including maintenance and depreciation costs.

Another important benefit of the eco-driving technique is that it is less fatiguing for the driver.

Bus Eireann is also currently introducing a range of further energy savings initiatives across the company to deliver environmental benefits. These energy management initiatives are part of a range of measures that the company is introducing in conjunction with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland as part of the Government’s target of a 33% improvement in energy efficiency in the public sector by 2020.

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