£450 Million Deal to Build UK’s First Sustainable Energy Park

The UK’s first sustainable energy park is to be built in Peterborough after developer Peterborough Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of Green Energy Parks, signed an engineering, procurement and construction deal worth more than £450 million with Malaysian manufacturing giant, KNM Group Berhad. The KNM Group, which operates 19 manufacturing facilities and engineering centres in 12 countries, will also take on the O&M contract for the Energy Park.

Once built the 80MWe energy park for Peterborough will take biomass generated from wastes to produce renewable energy and recycle and remanufacture other elements to produce glass, building blocks, metals and compounds.

Green Energy Parks hopes that this will be the first in a nationwide network of plants, fundamentally changing the way that mixed waste is dealt with in the UK, eliminating all need for future landfill, creating renewable energy and producing higher value goods.

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