Irish IT Specialist Goes Carbon Neutral

Dublin-based information technology outsourcing specialist IT Force has become the first IT services company in Ireland to be certified as a CarbonNeutral company. The initiative will see over 66 tonnes of CO2 neutralised in the first year.

IT Force’s CarbonNeutral programme was developed in consultation with The CarbonNeutral Company, the world leading provider of carbon reduction solutions. The CarbonNeutral Company measured IT Force’s carbon footprint and has advised IT Force how to reduce emissions across the business through internal operations and investment in offsetting projects.

The process involved an independent expert assessment of the company’s carbon emissions and a reduction plan through adopting greener business operations across the company and offsetting the remaining carbon emissions through a high quality, verified carbon offset project. Located in China, the Tieling Coal Mine Methane Capture project captures coal mine methane and uses it as an energy source to supply gas to homes and local industry.

The carbon reduction strategy ties in closely with IT Force’s wider sustainability initiatives including a relocation of offices to ensure closer proximity to clients and the city’s public transport network and less emissions through personal transportation.

With a clear understanding of where carbon is currently being generated, IT Force is now on target to further reduce its emissions by 20% by 2011. This will be achieved by implementing further internal policies in relation to printing, recycling, power usage and general wastage and by switching to greener suppliers for electricity and office supplies.

“The relationship with The CarbonNeutral Company will be on-going, to ensure we keep up to date with international environmental standards and best practice. For us, it is not just about ‘being green’ – it’s also about being ‘lean and mean’ as a company.  By being more waste conscious and hyper-efficient, we have lower overheads as a company, essential in today’s economic climate,” explains John Bergin, managing director of IT Force.

“We have cut down on paper usage, saved money on electricity and general office supplies. As part of our move to the hub of the city’s public transport network, we are actively promoting sustainable travel for employees such as adopting the government’s TaxSaver travel scheme, promoting the Dublin Bikes and investing in facilities to make cycling to work easy for staff.”

Rebecca Fay, marketing director of The CarbonNeutral Company, comments: “Companies such as IT Force are leading the way in actively tackling climate change by implementing a CSR strategy which combines both internal reductions and external reductions through carbon offsetting. In our experience, clients who reduce emissions to net zero to achieve CarbonNeutral certification demonstrate to stakeholders – clients, staff and the wider business community – that they are proactively acting to take responsibility for their impact on the climate.”

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