ESBI Programme Encourages Women in Engineering

Fourteen female transition year students from across Dublin had the opportunity to explore the life of a working engineering during the recent third annual Women in Engineering programme hosted by ESBI.

The programme is part of a wider initiative by ESBI to address future skills shortages by promoting engineering as a career choice for young people. The specific focus of this initiative on female students seeks to challenge the perception of engineering as a male-dominated profession and to demonstrate the huge potential for women to pursue careers in this field.

The three-day programme incorporates a mixture of site visits, practical activities and presentations on aspects of engineering. Students also had an opportunity to meet with professional women engineers working in ESB.

During the programme the students visited a gas fired power generating station; met with the engineering team responsible for the development of a nationwide charging infrastructure for electric cars; and got a close look at the management of the country’s electricity network.

ESBI engineering solutions manager, Billy Byrne, says: “Women make up just one in five of new entrants to university engineering, manufacturing and construction degrees. Given the huge growth predicted in international energy demand over the next two decades and the associated demand for engineering skills to support this, it is critical that we promote a higher level of participation by women in engineering and provide support to female students considering a career in this area.”

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