ESB Launches One Stop Shop For Home Energy Solutions

ESB has launched HALO, the new innovative, home energy efficiency service designed to enable homeowners to reduce their energy bills while ensuring that their homes are kept warm and comfortable in a more environmentally-friendly way.

To better understand the needs of homeowners today, ESB carried out a survey earlier this year which revealed that 66% of Irish people would consider insulation products in a bid to have a warmer house and reduce energy costs. Research following the 20,000 free surveys carried out by the ESB HALO team, also highlighted that 50% of home owners would consider investing in renewable energy solutions, with solar thermal ranked as the most appealing product.

Recognising the growing interest for and genuine appeal of sustainable energy solutions, ESB created the HALO Installation Service, which is a total one-stop solution to home energy needs, from insulating walls to solar panels on the roof. ESB HALO provides homeowners with the products and installation services they need to maximise savings and minimise their carbon footprint.

The ESB HALO team offers advice and free quotes on the energy-saving steps to improve efficiency in the home and can also assist homeowners with the SEAI grant scheme. ESB HALO, within a quality assurance framework, installs a wide range of energy efficiency upgrades.

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