New COD Thermoreactor and Photometer for 24 Simultaneous Measurements

Lovibond Tintometer has introduced the RD125, a new thermoreactor for the rapid heating and digestion of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) vials in a safe and secure environment. An easy-to-use membrane keypad enables users to select the required temperature from a choice of three options: 100 C, 120 C or 150 C; with three pre-selection times of 30, 60 and 120 minutes. Alternatively, the unit can be set for continuous operation.

Designed to heat up from 20 C to 150 C in just 12 minutes, the RD125 ensures the rapid digestion and preparation of samples for reading. When digestion is complete, the reactor automatically switches off and gives a corresponding LED indication with short beep alarm. As a safety precaution, the reactor is also designed for protection against overheating at 190 C.

The RD125 complements the newly introduced MD 100 COD Photometer from Lovibond Tintometer where photometric detection measures the COD concentration in mg/l O2.

The MD100 COD is supplied as a standalone replacement unit or as a COD measurement set including the reactor, two packs of COD (small scale Sealed Tube) tubes: one set for LR measurements of 0-150 mg/l and one for MR measurements of 0-1500 mg/l and full instructions.

As an additional service Lovibond Tintometer, offers a collection and disposal service for used vials at a very competitive rate – please contact for full details.

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