Cork’s Bin War Heats Up

Mr Binman, the County Limerick-based family owned and run waste collection and recycling company, is taking its ‘green revolution’ into County Cork, by providing a new and environmentally friendly waste collection service to the householders.

Cork County Council recently sold its waste collection business following a Waste Management Review which highlighted decreasing customer members and a substantial budget shortfall.

Mr Binman, which was Repak Recycling Recovery Operator of the Year in 2009, is now expanding its services to more areas in County Cork to offer a cheap, hassle-free service for householders.

According to Joe Cleary, sales and marketing director of Mr Binman, the company is making it as easy as possible for former Cork County Council customers to move to the company’s new service. “Our ‘Make the Change’ campaign in Cork has been generating a huge amount of interest. We are switching people over to the new service in under 3 minutes – how could it be any simpler? Either over the phone or online at, we can set up a new account immediately once we verify the household is on one of our ever expanding collection routes.”

Mr Binman offers a different type of service compared to the previous pay per weight in arrears arrangements put in place by the County Council.

He continure: “We are servicing the glass bottle banks all over County Cork for some time now and people should be familiar with our distinctive yellow and green trucks as a result of this. We have over 60,000 household customers across all areas of Munster including parts of Cork and there has been a tremendous uptake on our service in Cork so we hope that this continues.”

Since its establishment in 1994 Mr Binman has been continually expanding its routes into the wider Munster region.


Mr Binman being presented with the Repak Recovery Operator of the Year 2009 award.

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