Environmental EngineeringFortran Compiler Released – NAG Fortran Builder 5.2

Environmental engineers performing particle dispersion studies and other high performance environmental engineering research who need speed, accuracy and portability for their Fortran code can now obtain the newest release of what is widely regarded as one of the best checking compilers – Fortran Builder 5.2 (www.nag.com/market/np/fortranbuilder) from the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG). This release features a virtually complete implementation of the latest Fortran 2003 standard and an integrated development environment.

NAG Fortran Builder is for the Microsoft Windows environment and provides a Fortran-aware editor, build system, GUI debugger and help system for Fortran. The NAG Fortran Compiler is also available for other platforms.

Key new NAG Fortran Compiler features include:

* More information, including line number, displayed in runtime messages

* More Fortran 2003 Features

* Quad precision real and complex

* I/O library multi-threaded for performance

* Improved RANDOM_NUMBER generator.

With origins in several UK universities, the Numerical Algorithms Group (www.nag.com) has its headquarters in Oxford, and is a not-for-profit organisation that collaborates with world-leading researchers and practitioners in academia and industry.

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