CyclePower Taking the Lead With Electric Bikes

Dublin-based CyclePower is a new Irish-owned company specialising in Electric Bikes and a full range of cycling accessories. An Electric Bike, also known as an E-Bike, is a bicycle with an electric motor used to assist with pedaling. Electric Bikes use rechargeable batteries and can travel up to 25 miles per hour (32 km/h). Indeed, in some countries they are rapidly replacing traditional bikes.

CyclePower also supplies Conversion Kits to transform customers’ own bicycles into Electric Bikes and this option offers a huge cost saving (providing the bicycle is suitable for conversion).

Bicycles are kind to the environment as they are quiet and pollution-free. Cycling is also part of the solution to our traffic congestion problems.


Electric Bikes offer users many advantages:

* Save time – it is often quicker than taking the car

* Save effort – let the electric motor take the strain and smooth out the hills

* Save money – no insurance, no tax and no NCT

* Easy to charge batteries which are light and portable

* Use of Cycle Lanes

* Cyclepower bicycles are light and easy to pedal

* Low maintenance – few moving parts

* No petrol/diesel costs or emissions

* Improve personal fitness and health.

Green Business

Electric Bikes use rechargeable batteries and can travel up to 25 miles per hour.

An increasing number of Irish businesses are now realising the benefits of promoting the use of Electric Bikes. This mode of transport offers companies the following advantages:

* Regular cyclists tend to be fitter and healthier than non-cyclists. This contributes towards greater productivity and lower rates of absenteeism due to illness.

* Bikes are nimble vehicles, able to squeeze past the queues and the road-works. So cyclists tend to be more punctual employees.

* People want to cycle. So why hold them back? Give cyclists the facilities and the support that they deserve and you get a happier and more motivated workforce.

* Be seen to be ‘green’. Being a cycle-friendly employer is a way of winning valuable publicity at relatively little cost.

* Less parking problems.

CyclePower is available to call and demonstrate its Electric Bikes to organisations and staff, because the benefits are best appreciated by seeing and testing the bicycles. For more information on CyclePower’s Electric Bikes, visit or phone 01-4604641 or 086-8262300.

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