A vision for smart infrastructure and behaviour in Ireland's energy sector

The phenomenon of the smart grid and how it will benefit and contribute to the growth of our economy is a hot topic for debate. As heard recently, from Minister Eamon Ryan, that investment in grid development is one of the most strategic decisions for our future. This new grid will be a smart grid.

Without a smart grid, renewable power will remain niche at best. The high hopes Ireland has for the development of renewable power over the coming years will fall flat without a smart grid to facilitate and integrate these variable generation source.

Minister Eamon Ryan

It is accepted that current transmission and distribution systems need to be transformed into smart networks in order to accommodate larger amounts of renewable energy as well as facilitate active demand side management measures. To date electricity has been a centrally produced commodity for a predictable but inflexible market.

A transition is about to take place towards a market where flexibility must occur on both the supplier and the consumer sides. It is against this background of significant opportunity, change and urgency that iQuest is hosting the National Inaugural National Smart Grid Conference. It will take place on Thursday, 7th October 2010 at the Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin.

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