New Mobile Phone Selling Concept in the UK has launched their new website which incorporates a new buying and recycling concept for mobile phones. The website offers a one stop shop where customers can buy a new handset while recycling their old one for cash. With no fuss about the old phone’s recyclable value this site offers a set cost for old phone regardless of the make and model.

The site offers the standard mobile phone purchasing service where users can select a new phone and tariff while offering free gifts as well as the opportunity to recycle their old phone.

GoGreen Media managing director Andrew Fyfe explains: “It is a simple concept that hasn’t been applied to the industry yet. More and more people are recycling their phones after purchasing a new one. We wanted to give the customer one website where they could do both, without ruling out the customers who just want to buy a new phone.” The site offers this service as a first of its kind mobile phone scrappage scheme, where you can scrap your old mobile for a new one and get up to £200 cash for any phone you choose to recycle.” is run buy GoGreen Media which currently owns the mobile phone recycling website was introduced in 2009.

With an estimated 1.2 billion mobile phones being sold in 2008, of which between 50-80 per cent were replacement handsets, GoGreen Media believes the mobile phone industry has a pivotal role to play in tackling environmental issues as they can lead to huge savings in resources.

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