New Blog – ‘Responsible Energy for European Regions’

The Assembly of European Regions (AER) and GE Energy have launched of REFER (Responsible Energy for European Regions), a blog aimed at facilitating thoughts and discussion on energy matters across all regions of Europe. Available at, REFER reports on the latest energy news, energy analysis and commentary about the various regional energy markets, energy efficiency, regional sustainability, secure energy supplies and public policies from across Europe. Far from being a mere publication, REFER will allow the exchange of views and ideas between politicians, companies, researchers and citizens.

“Global warming is our generation’s greatest challenge and solving it is an opportunity to build a healthy, sustainable and prosperous future. With the regional approach, we transform the debate and lay the groundwork for a successful, multi-stakeholder climate action agenda.” says Michele Sabban, AER president. “I invite all living forces, politicians, civil society and citizens, to join and enrich this blog and help us improve the implementation of sustainable energy solutions that will benefit both the regions’ economy and our citizens’ quality-of-life.”

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