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EC Authorises Grant Aid For €105 Million Swedish Biofuel Research Project

The European Commission has authorized grant support of  €24 million from the Swedish Government for a new biofuel research project designed to test the commercial viability of the gasification of forest residue. The funding will be given to the Gothenburg

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Wavebob-led European Wave Energy Consortium to Select Portuguese Site

The Standpoint European wave energy consortium, which is headed by Irish company Wavebob, has announced that two locations off the Portuguese coast are under final consideration for the installation of a full-sized wave energy converter. In addition to Irish wave

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GE Energy Teams Up with Norwegian and Swedish Energy Companies in Growing European Offshore Wind Sector

GE Energy plans to install up to five offshore demonstration wind turbines through two separate partnerships within the Norwegian and Swedish offshore wind industries. Both initiatives will feature the largest wind turbine in GE’s fleet, a 4.0-megawatt machine that includes

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