Armagh Refrigeration Company Wins UK Energy Efficiency Award

An Armagh refrigeration company has won a prestigious national award for its energy-saving refrigeration solution at a meat processing plant. Shilliday Refrigeration picked up the prize for ‘Industrial and Commercial Project of the Year’ at the RAC Cooling Industry Awards, which cover the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Entries from nearly every major name in … Read more

New Detection Technology Extends CO2 Use in Refrigeration

The more widespread use of CO2 in refrigeration is set to gain major impetus from new gas detection technology that enables leaks to be monitored at temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees. The adoption of CO2 as one of the most practical natural refrigerant alternatives to halocarbons is key to reducing and eventually eliminating … Read more

New Technology to Cut Refrigeration Costs

Dublin-based energy saving company One Call Maintenance has launched a new refrigeration technology on the Irish market that it claims will slash both energy costs and greenhouse emissions by impressive amounts. Invented by UK engineers, the eCube is little bigger than an MP3 player and is simple and economical to fit. The eCube cuts the … Read more