Innovative Bus Technology to Deliver Cleaner Air Across London

More bus routes across London are set to benefit from vehicles fitted with innovative technology to reduce pollution. In addition, a second 140 sq m green wall is to be installed in central London helping to trapharmful road transport emissions. Transport for London (TfL) has been trialling two types of technology that is fitted to … Read more

Innovative Green Station Wall to Deliver Cleaner Air

An innovative 200 square metre green wall on a central London Tube station wall designed to trap pollution on one of London’s busiest roads, has been unveiled. The visually stunning green wall has taken just a month to install and, as well as having practical environmental benefits, is an attractive leafy addition to Marylebone Road. … Read more

NI Water Fined For Pollution Incident at Greysteel

NI Water has been fined £1,000 after pleading guilty to causing a pollution incident from Greysteel Wastewater Treatment Works on 20th November 2008. The incident was linked to a mechanical failure which resulted in equipment, which helped control the flows from the treatment works, failing to work effectively. This resulted in a restriction of the … Read more

NI Water Fined After Pollution Incident

NI Water has been fined £2,000 after pleading guilty to causing a pollution incident from Masserene Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) in the vicinity of Clotworthy Bridge, Antrim on May 3rd 2010. The incident was linked to a blockage caused by inappropriate items that resulted in a discharge into a nearby watercourse. NI Water has asked … Read more

TCD Green Week 2011

Trinity College Dublin has unveiled its first campus wetland as part of its Annual Green Week, which was launched by Senator David Norris (see picture). Designed to maximise habitat diversity, the pond, situated in the College Biodiversity Centre behind Front Square, will be a useful research and teaching tool for students of the School of … Read more

BP Releases Report on Causes of Gulf of Mexico Tragedy

No single factor caused the Macondo well tragedy, according to BP. Rather, a sequence of failures involving a number of different parties led to the explosion and fire which killed 11 people and caused widespread pollution in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year. A report released by BP today concludes that decisions made by … Read more