An Taisce Identifies the Worst Councils in Ireland’s Planning System

Donegal, Roscommon, Leitrim, Kerry, Mayo, Galway County, Cavan, Carlow and Waterford County are ranked worst (in that order) in a planning system that requires radical overhaul, according to An Taisce, Ireland’s National Trust. An Taisce has published the results of its objective study of the Planning Systems in 34 City and County Councils. ‘State of … Read more

€2.15 Million to Tackle Litter and Graffiti

The Government has announced the provision of Eur2.15 million in grants to local authorities – Eur900,000 under the Anti-Litter & Anti-Graffiti Awareness Grant Scheme, for public education and awareness initiatives in relation to both litter and graffiti, Eur750,000 for a new Litter Enforcement Scheme, and a further Eur500,000 under the Tourist Season Anti-Litter Grant Scheme. … Read more

€100 Household Charge to Fund Local Services

The Government is to introduce a Household Charge of €100 to fund vital local services. The Household Charges are expected to raise in the region of €160 million, which will be used to directly support the continued delivery of services by local authorities. “In line with the EU/IMF agreement, the Government has approved the introduction … Read more

Additional Funding for Local Authorities Impacted by Severe Winter Weather

The Government is providing just over €9 million in supplementary funding to assist local authorities in meeting the exceptional costs associated with the recent severe winter weather conditions and subsequent rapid thaw recently experienced throughout the country in December and January last. The Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government will make the payments … Read more

€15 Million Extra Funding For Local Authorities Due to Extreme Weather

The Government has announced an additional €15 million in contingency funding for local authorities to cover exceptional costs associated with the extreme weather currently being experienced. The cold weather is already breaking records. It has been almost forty years since Ireland has had snow and ice so early in the Winter and it is unusual … Read more

€12m For Local Authorities to Support the Operating Costs of Recycling

The Government has announced the provision of €6 million in funding to assist local authorities in meeting the costs associated with the operation of their bring banks and civic amenity facilities for the period July to December 2009. A further €6 million will be made available to cover the period January to June 2010. The … Read more

Free of Charge ‘Rethink, Recycle and Remake’ Networking Event – Cork – October 21st, 2010

Potential entrepreneurs in Cork who are interested in setting up in business using what someone else considers waste as raw materials, should attend at the Lifetime Lab in Cork City on Thursday 21st October from 10am to 12.45pm when rx3, a Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government initiative to rethink, recycle and remake … Read more

Ireland Should Capitalise On Its Groundwater Resources

An environmental expert has urged local industry to reduce monthly utility bills by capitalising on groundwater resources. Speaking at the Environment Ireland Conference in Dublin this week, Teri Hayes, an environmental director at international consultancy WYG, said: “Even with investment in unaccounted for water over the coming year, local shortages in water supply are likely. … Read more

Repatriation of 250,000 Tonnes of Illegal Waste From Northern Ireland Commences

The repatriation of waste which originated in the Republic of Ireland but which was illegally disposed of at about 20 sites in Northern Ireland in the early part of this decade is now underway. The repatriation process follows a 2007 Roadmap agreement between the two jurisdictions and a further framework agreement in June 2009 which … Read more

€20.5m in Extra Funding For Local Authority Water and Sewage Treatment Plants

The Government has allocated an additional Eur20.5 million from the Local Government Fund to assist city and county councils with running costs on their water and sewerage treatment plants. This follows on from an additional Eur1.5 million from the Fund that was notified to authorities last April to support training needs in the water services … Read more