Green Light for Cleaner, More Fuel-efficient Vans

The European Parliament has given a green light for cleaner, more fuel-efficient vans by voting to introduce CO2 limits in the EU for new vans and other light commercial goods vehicles. The rules, agreed with Member States, include incentives to make highly-efficient vehicles as well as penalties for manufacturers that miss the targets. If endorsed … Read more

MEPs Demand Better E-waste Management

The European Parliament wants tighter rules for the EU’s growing output of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE), while cutting red tape for companies. MEPs have proposed new targets for collecting, recycling and re-using waste. They also recommended tougher measures to prevent the export of e-waste to developing countries, where it can pose a health … Read more

€13 Million Aid to Ireland After Floods

The European Parliament has approved Eur13 million in EU Solidarity Fund aid to Ireland in response to the severe floods that hit the country in November 2009. The Eur13 million will help remedy the effects of the inundations, which caused severe damage to the farming sector, residential property and businesses as well as to the … Read more

EU Strengthens Rules on Security of Gas Supply For Citizens

The European Commission has welcomed the adoption of the Security of Gas Supply Regulation by the European Parliament. The new legislation will strengthen the coordination between Member States and ensure that effective action will be taken in advance to prevent and mitigate the consequences of gas supply disruptions. The regulation is a major step forward … Read more