Example for Ireland as offshore wind now Britain’s cheapest power source

As offshore wind energy prices in Britain hit record lows the Irish Wind Energy Association has called for a greater sense of urgency from the Government to support an Irish offshore wind industry.

Today’s British offshore wind energy auction achieved a record low price of £39 (€44) per megawatt hour, which compares to Ireland’s average wholesale electricity price last year of around €60. The auction clears the way for 5.5 GW of renewable electricity to be connected by 2025.

Dr Connolly said: “Offshore wind energy is now the cheapest source of electricity in Britain. Wind energy is reducing CO2 emissions and cutting household electricity bills at the same time.

“This is the potential that is there for Ireland’s offshore wind industry. This is what we can deliver for communities across the country.

“The Government has set out a very clear path to developing offshore wind energy but we need a greater sense of urgency to put in place the legislative and policy framework that will enable Ireland’s offshore wind industry to deliver prices like this in the years to come.”

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