Unique Carbon Reduction Model Successfully Trialled by Dublin City Council

As Ireland now lags most of its EU counterparts in terms of meeting our environmental commitments under the Paris Accord for Climate Change and with the potential for annual noncompliance fines in excess of 500M it has never been more important for government and industry to act now and with ambition to collectively reduce our carbon footprint.

A new approach to Energy Reduction on commercial sites has been successfully trialled by Dublin City Council and delivering exceptional results by achieving 42% energy savings across three of its Sports and Leisure Facilities. The project is on target to save 1.5 m for Dublin City Council over the 8 year contract term.

We believe this is a really interesting story for Businesses and Policy Makers and clearly your readers as the approach in addition to the energy and commercial savings provided a guaranteed savings level, required no capital investment by Dublin City Council and results also in increased asset value of the properties through the investment next generation technology upgrades.

Dublin City Council entered this first contract in 2016 and has this month signed a second similar type contract.

We are Dublin City Council’s delivery partner in both these contracts and would be happy to explain and provide more detail on this approach. It is the first time that this model has been used in Ireland by a local Authority.

We would be happy to provide more information in an effort to explain and promote what we believe could be an important step in avoiding massive non compliance fines . It will also importantly create significant employment stimulus in the energy projects and financing sector.

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