ESB launches interactive educational resource on electricity generation for students

ESB has launched an interactive educational resource to allow students a greater understanding of how electricity is generated and the workings of a power station.

InsideAghada is a web-based power station demonstration that allows teachers and students gain a real insight into the workings of the Aghada generating plant. Located outside Midleton in Cork, Aghada is one of Europe’s most efficient and cleanest generating plants with the capability of generating enough electricity to supply approximately 8% of power demand on the island of Ireland.

This animation is the first offering from ESB’s planned educational hub that will be hosted here. The aim of this hub is to share information and knowledge about the energy sector in an accessible and engaging way.

Speaking at the launch of the resource at the Science Gallery in Dublin, Pat O’Doherty, Chief Executive of ESB, said: “The investment and launch of this resource reaffirms ESB’s commitment to promoting science and engineering to all. For many years we have supported young people to engage with science, technology and engineering through our partnerships with such organisations as Engineers Ireland, Tech Space and the Science Gallery.”

Explaining why ESB plays a role in educating people about energy, he added: “Energy and the way it is produced and consumed is everybody’s business. Climate change means that we can’t be complacent about where our energy comes from, but equally, we need affordable energy supplies that we can reply on every day to power our homes and businesses. 

While providing a basic understanding of electricity generation at the plant, the animation allows users to get more information on the scientific principles and science behind it all. Bilingual supplementary notes, including past exam questions related to the topic, are provided for teachers to augment the presentation. A quiz for Junior Cycle students is also included to encourage and engage students on this educational and interesting topic of electricity generation.

Each year, ESB receives hundreds of requests by schools to visit our power stations around Ireland. As much of the equipment is encased for safety reasons, it can be difficult for students to truly get an insight into the station’s inner workings. From the comfort of their classroom, they can now learn and appreciate the power of generating stations, via