An alerting way to save cash and energy

TELCA award winning Energy consultants STC Energy have come up with an alert system that could save you money and improve your energy efficiency!

They’ve created a profile alerts service which monitors consumption from HH and AMR electricity meters and data loggers. The system which uses their own in-house designed software, can monitor multi sites and report back immediately.

You simply set an energy use target and if you exceed it, the system lets you know where, when and by how much.

Alan Little Business Development Manager at STC said: “You’re going to save energy which will save you money by acting on these alerts. Not only do you get an accurate report, with our software which is linked to Google maps, you can see which site is using more energy so you can be specific too.”

Recommendations are also made if the consumption of energy used goes above the set targets consistently. The profile alerts service is an excelle

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