Excellence in Energy Efficient Design

EXEED – (Excellence in Energy Efficient Design) provides a new framework for energy efficient design management for both new investments and upgrading of existing assets. EXEED will independently certify assets using this framework that optimises energy performance and energy management capability. The EXEED process puts energy management firmly on the design agenda -commencing and integrating the energy management discipline at the earliest stages of design.

PDF Brochure outlining the EXEED process
Powerpoint presentation delivered at recent launch of EXEED


Using EXEED, lifecycle energy consumption and related carbon emissions can be addressed at the design stage of new investments. The greatest potential for energy saving with the best return on investment can be implemented, escaping the lock-in effect of poorer performance. Energy performance will then be continuously improved from a lower baseline during operation.

EXEED Certified Distinctions

– See more at: http://www.seai.ie/Your_Business/EXEED-Certified-Program/?sthash.eH6ZZUBD.mjjo#sthash.eH6ZZUBD.SdUE7mCb.dpuf