Bord na Móna to Turn Landfill Gas into Green Power for 14,000 Homes

Bord na Móna is to develop a landfill-gas power plant that will generate enough electricity to power 14,000 homes. The plant that will be located at the Drehid facility near Allenwood in County Kildare will start producing power in 2014.

Up to 25 jobs will be supported later in 2013 when construction is due to commence. Beyond this 3-4 permanent positions involved in the ongoing operation of the plant, will also be created.

The gas is continually produced from the decomposition of waste in the landfill site and is currently safely flared. It is estimated the plant will produce 5.6 megawatts of renewable electricity. The project will utilise four gas engines- each rated at 1.4MW electrical output- to deliver 5.6 megawatts of renewable power.

John Daly, Head of Resource Recovery Bord na Móna, says “This is a very exciting project for the company, that underlines how jobs and business activity in Bord na Móna can be directly supported by renewable energy projects. We are especially delighted to be able to announce more valuable employment opportunities within the communities that we have served for nearly eighty years.”

He adds: “Apart from the economic benefits, this energy project at Drehid will substantially reduce emissions of methane which is a potent greenhouse gas when released directly into the atmosphere. The entire project is line with the goals outlined in the company’s New Contract with Nature, which continues to inform and guide everything we do within the company.”

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