Toyota Spearheads European Auto Industry C02 Emission Reduction

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) is again in the lead in Europe with the lowest fleet-wide C02 emissions in 2011 following figures published by the European Commission and European Environment Agency. Fleet-wide C02 emissions for TME stand at 109.3 g/km, a decrease of 3 g/km since 2010 and 19 g/km ahead of the TME specific European Commission target for 2011.

The recent report, in conjunction with the 2010 edition, will be used by the European Commission as indicators to determine each manufacturer’s gap to the 2012 emissions target. Rankings from the 2011 report are based on the 65% lowest emitting vehicles from each manufacturer in line with the phase-in process foreseen in the regulations.

Calculations based on 100% of fleet-wide emissions will come into effect in 2015. TME has already exceeded its 2015 target four years ahead of time.

According to the report, TME continues to produce some of the lowest emitting vehicles inEurope. The report also suggests that TME’s increasing full hybrid product line-up is a significant contributor to the company’s excellent results. In addition, TME offers the highest percentage of products with emissions below 100 g/km of CO2 with seven models inEurope, including five models below 90 g/km.

Whilst the European Commission report refers to 2011 results, recently announced 2012 sales result for TME saw full hybrid sales increase by 62% in the EU to some 95,000 units, contributing to 18% of total sales in the 27 European Union member states.

A recent study published by Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) sees fleet-wide CO2 emissions for Toyota Deutschland drop by 4% to 127.3 g/km in 2012, making it the lowest emitting volume manufacturer in Germany.

On January 29, Toyota’s leadership in reducing environmental impact was recognised with the title of “Car and Van Manufacturer of the Year” in the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership awards in the United Kingdom. Graham Smith OBE, Managing Director of TME London Office, was also named ‘Outstanding Individual in Promoting Low Carbon Transport’.

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