Rehab Glassco Urges Households to Go Greener in 2013

Rehab Glassco is urging all householders to go greener in 2013 by making an extra effort to recycle their glass and aluminium cans at local bring sites. Glass is the best packaging material of all to recycle as it can be recycled over and over again without losing quality. Furthermore, recycling is easy, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

David Farrelly, Business Development Manager, Rehab Glassco, says: “Going greener in 2013 is one resolution that will be easy to keep. It only takes a few minutes to dispose of your bottles, jars and cans in the bring banks and, in return, you know you are playing your part to protect the environment. Ireland is currently ranked eleventh in Europe for glass recycling with a rate of 76% of recycling. We want to be in the top ten and everyone has a part to play. So go green in 2013!”

Rehab Glassco continues to lead the way in glass recycling in Ireland providing over 1,800 collection points in 25 local authority areas. Almost 90,000 tonnes of glass were collected by Rehab Glassco in 2012 and were recycled at its state-of-the-art facility in Naas, County Kildare. Over 70,000 tonnes came from bring banks in the form of domestic glass, with the remaining 20,000 tonnes collected from the hospitality sector.

Formed in December 2009 following the merger of Rehab Recycle’s glass recycling division and Glassco Recycling, a glass recycling facility in County Kildare, Rehab Glassco is part of Rehab Enterprises, Ireland’s largest single non-governmental employer of people with disabilities. Rehab Enterprises currently provides integrated employment for 208 people with disabilities in 18 locations nationwide.

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