Dublin City Council Leading the Way in Sustainability

Dublin City Council has launched its third annual Sustainability Report showing the steps the council are taking in the city to improve its performance on issues of energy, transport, waste, water, air, biodiversity, society and economy. It outlines the approaches the city council takes to sustainability and lists key initiatives and flagship projects that are underway. The report includes data on key performance indicators across ten themes ranging from health and wellbeing to innovation and education.

Lord Mayor Naoise O Muirí says: “This report outlines our Flagship Projects in co-operation with The Green IFSC and The Green Way, which seek to position Dublin and Ireland as a leading location for green finance and enterprise. There is a global shift towards a greener economy and Dublin is well placed to be at the forefront of this.”

Mark Bennett, Green Business Officer in Dublin City Council, remarks: “These reports are intended to give people the information they need to understand the opportunities and challenges facing the city, and to get involved in addressing them.”

The Sustainability Report is available at www.bit.ly/SR2012pdf (Part A) and the Indicators Report at www.bit.ly/SIR2012pdf  (Part B). These reports outline a vision for sustainability in the city and also provide the data for evidence based decision making.

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