Danish EV Alliance in Dublin to Discuss Government Policy on Electric Vehicles

The Danish EV Alliance is widely regarded as the benchmark for EV associations worldwide. Over the past number of years they have made huge progress in convincing Danish politicians about the importance of EVs, including their growth potential, environmental benefits and ultimately that EVs mean jobs!

Morten Bronnum Andersen, Senior Advisor at the Danish EV Alliance, will address The 2nd National Electric Vehicles Summit in Croke Park on 31st January to discuss government policy and also the findings of an analysis of the green growth potential of EVs that was recently conducted by the alliance. If policy is to drive EVs in Ireland, then there is little doubt that we can learn a lot from the Danes!

The summit, which is part of a 2-day event incorporating The National Smart Transport Summit, takes place on January 30th & 31st. To book your place please visit www.nevs.ie.

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