10th Anniversary For County Down Wind Turbine Company

Castlewellan-based Green Energy 4U has installed a record amount of wind turbine capacity in 2012. Established in 2002, the company diversified from farming and farm contracting. Now with ten years in the renewables industry, Green Energy 4U is one of the most experienced installers of wind turbines across the UK and Ireland.

2012 has been a particularly successful year. Director, Patrick Flynn, puts this down to the expertise of the team he has built around him, combined with investment in quality products. He comments: ‘The investment we have made in machinery, our workshop and staff training since 2002, is now showing results. We also have quality suppliers across Europe and the United States. These relationships have taken time to build, but it has always been important that we give our clients access to first class equipment’.

Green Energy 4U began by installing the popular Proven brand of turbines, and extended its expertise by including turbines from companies such as Vestas, Northern Power Systems, Nordtank and Halus. The company is now in big demand due to the fact that it offers a complete service, including manufacturing parts. The overwhelming majority of Green Energy 4U’s clients are farmers.

“Unlike many other installers, we can relate to farmers – as we still own and operate our own farm in Castlewellan. We also practice what we preach,” says Patrick Flynn. “We have recently replaced one of our first turbines, a 6kW Proven model, with a 150kW Scandinavian model. Like most farmers, we understand the value of good equipment.”

Green Energy 4U is finishing its 10th birthday in style with a 225kW installation in a prominent location between Banbridge and Lurgan. There will be an open day at this turbine in early 2013, information on this can be found at www.greenenergy4u.com.

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