Climate Change Nobel Laureate, Professor Mario Molina to speak at DCU

Professor Mario Molina, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 1995, will deliver an address on Wednesday 21st November at 11:00am as part of the DCU Nobel Laureate Lecture Series, hosted by Dublin City University in association with Magnet Networks.  Professor Molina will speak on the the theme of Climate Change:  Science, Policy and Solutions.

Renowned for his seminal work in highlighting the threat to the ozone layer from CFC gases used in spray cans, refrigerants and solvents, Professor Molina’s prize-winning research was a precursor to the discovery of a hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole and resulted in the adoption of the Montreal Protocol which banned ozone-depleting chemicals.  More recently, Professor Molina’s work has focussed on the chemistry of air pollution of the lower atmosphere and the problem of rapidly-expanding cities with serious air pollution problems.

The presentation will be streamed live from DCU by Aertv, the online television service from Magnet Networks that can be accessed by anyone on a mobile device or PC.

Speaking in advance of the Lecture, DCU President, Professor Brian MacCraith said,

“Through the Nobel Laureate Lecture Series, DCU continues to welcome inspirational, thought-provoking international speakers to Ireland.  Professor Molina’s message on safeguarding our planet is as relevant today as it was when he began his research in the 1970s.  Through our partnership with Magnet Networks, we are delighted to be able to extend this unique learning experience to schools and communities throughout Ireland.”

Mark Kellett, CEO of Magnet Networks, said

“Through our sponsorship of the Nobel Laureate Lecture Series, we hope to facilitate a greater appreciation of the sciences amongst 2nd level students and thus increase the take up rate of those taking Science or Maths-related courses at 3rd level institutions. These students will ultimately be our future employees and a key enabler in attracting new investment into Ireland. It is an honour to be associated with this initiative by DCU in bringing the science subject to life with talks from such pioneering and interesting academic figures as Professor Mario Molina. You never know, his words could lead to some of our students making earth shattering environmental discoveries in the future.”

Reflecting DCU’s commitment to academic excellence and its ethos of access to education for all, the DCU Nobel Laureate Lecture series aims to bring to Ireland publicly accessible lectures by some of the world’s brightest minds.  The Series features annual lectures by Nobel Laureates specialising in Physics, Chemistry, Peace, Economics, Physiology & Medicine and Literature.   Previous speakers have included Dr Bill Phillips and Dr Steven Chu, both Nobel Laureates in Physics.

Visit for further information about the DCU Nobel Laureate Lecture Series and on March 21st @ 11am to view the lecture as it happens.

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