Tesco Unveils First all-LED Store

Tesco has opened its first all-LED store in Loughborough in England, as the UK’s largest retailer continues its drive to reduce carbon emissions from its stores. All external signage at the new store, as well as lighting on the sales floor and in staff areas is made up of energy-efficient LED fittings. In addition, the store’s cold rooms, fridges and freezer are lit by LEDs which are even more efficient compared with standard lighting in cold temperatures. The only place in-store where standard lighting is retained is in the bakery oven, where temperatures are too high for LEDs to function.

Tesco expects the LED lighting to produce a 30% energy saving for this Express store.

Emmily Sjolander, Environmental Programme Manager at Tesco says: “We have recognised that through the use of LED light fittings we can dramatically reduce energy usage, particularly at Express stores due to their smaller size and lower ceiling height. If this delivers the energy savings we have estimated, it is likely that we would replicate this lighting system at other stores. Tesco considers itself a leader is sustainability, and we are committed to identifying and developing new technologies that will improve the efficiency of our stores.”

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