Greyhound announce 16.5% bin charge increase

The waste collection operator Greyhound Recycling has sent notifications to its customers in Dublin announcing a 16.5% rise in bin charges.

The new charges will come into effect from tomorrow week.

The company has said it is putting up waste collection charges because of a rise in levies for private companies using landfills.

From the beginning of July, the Department of the Environment will increase its landfill levy from €50 per tonne to €65.

In response, Greyhound said it would be increasing the “per-lift” cost of 140 litre black wheelie bins from €3.60 to €4.20.

The fee for 240-litre black bins will go up from €6 to €7.

Householders who use black bags will pay €10.50 for three tags instead of €9.

In South County Dublin, the 31c/kg charge will go up to 33c.

Greyhound Recycling took over the bin collections of 140,000 customers from Dublin City Council in mid-January.

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