World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy in Dublin next week

Ireland will next week host a six-day international Congress on Water, Climate and Energy that is being organised by the International Water Association.

The conference, which will run from 13 to 18 May at the Convention Centre in Dublin, will feature a series of debates from global experts who will be covering topics such as water treatment technologies, water resource management, wastewater and energy, the economics of water, planning and sustainable development.

There will also be debates on hot topics for Ireland right now, such as hydraulic fracturing and onsite wastewater treatment systems.

According to organiser Ray Earle, the congress will aim to achieve joined-up thinking amongst world experts in relation to water, climate and energy to lead an agreement for a draft resolution of 10 key actions to build on agreed protocols such as Kyoto, alongside technology development.

Speakers at the Dublin conference next week will include Paul Reiter, the executive director of the International Water Association.

Mary Robinson, Ireland’s former president, who now heads up the Climate Justice Foundation, will be speaking about climate justices and policy coherence.

Paul Brown from CDMSmith and Dr Colin Harrison from IBM will be looking at smart cities.

Einari Kisel, the former Estonian deputy secretary-general for Energy, who is now a senior fellow at the World Energy Council, will be speaking about global sustainability.

The role of technologies and smart networks to help address climate change challenges will also be central themes of the conference.

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