Irish company develops world’s first innovative portable charging station for EV's

JTM Power Ltd. announces their EV Charge 4kW – Portable Charging Station for Electric Vehicles (EV) – which will be sold in Ireland and in other EV developed countries. EVCharge 4kW is a stand-alone portable Electric Vehicle charger which charges an electric car independent of the electricity supply network. This means that an electric car can be powered up by the EVCharge with 20km of range in ½ hour to enable the driver to get to the nearest public charge point or to the motorist’s own home charge point. It is ideal in an emergency situation to bring energy to the road side or in any location where there is no grid connection and it is also very advantageous that it can be brought to the car rather than being towed away by a recovery truck to a nearby charging station.

EVCharge is a world first in mobile charging for electric vehicles, which was developed by JTM Power at their Rathnew, Co Wicklow facility. JTM is one of the first Irish companies to become involved in Electric Vehicle product development, taking advantage of Ireland’s leadership role in the early adoption of electric cars. Ireland is an ideal test bed for electric transport and as a result companies like JTM and international firms are developing and trialling their products here. ESB ecars, responsible for the rollout of charge points, gave technical advice to JTM in the early stages of product development and is one of the first customers of EVCharge. JTM are recent winners of the Wicklow Chamber of Commerce Business Innovation Award received at an event on Friday 18th Nov 2011.

“The EVCharge is the culmination of two years R&D investment by our company”, explains James Tracey, Managing Director, JTM Power Ltd. He goes on to say that “We have over 10 year’s experience in high density power from our traditional business, professional jumpstarters. We studied the Electric Vehicle market and Ireland’s proactive ecar programme and decided to diversify into this emerging market. We now have plans for developing an exciting range of mobile charging products with new jobs and exports on the horizon”, At the launch, Jim Tracey wished to acknowledge the invaluable support he received from ESB ecars and Wicklow Enterprise Board.

Speaking at the launch, Paul Mulvaney, Managing Director, ESB ecars explains, “We are delighted that Irish companies such as JTM has capitalised on this new and innovative market. The availability of a mobile charge point means that drivers will always have access to a charge point where ever they are located. We expect that more and more Irish firms take the lead in this growing and dynamic market.”

AA Ireland will also be taking delivery of an EVCharge and will begin their pilot of the product in December 2011. “For electric vehicle drivers the EV Charge essentially gives drivers peace of mind that extra power is available if they need it. Like any car that runs out of fuel, the AA will still be there to provide our customers with a limited amount to help them safely reach a location where they can recharge” says Conor Faughnan of AA Ireland.

About EVCharge

It is powered by lithium ion battery technology so that the EVCharge 4kW can provide up to 24km of range in ½ hour if a car runs out of power. It has the ability to provide Level 2 AC charging with 240V of energy, topping up any vehicle with enough power to get to the nearest charging station.

About JTM

JTM manufacture and design professional jumpstarters using innovative lithium ion battery technology  suitable for starting large diesel and petrol. The company was started 10 years ago by Jim Tracey, Managing Director, who has over 25 years experience in the automotive industry. They export their jumpstarters to UK, Belgium, South Africa, and Australia. In recent years they have used their expertise in power generation to develop a range of charging products for the emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) market.

JTM Power Ltd

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