International Expert to Advise Businesses How to Manage Technological Change

International Expert to Advise Businesses How to Manage Technological Change to Grow their Companies. How companies can manage technological change through innovation in order to stay ahead of the competition is the central theme that Professor Christopher Tucci will discuss during his forthcoming InterTradeIreland Innovation Lecture at Queen’s University Belfast.

The lecture is part of the InterTradeIreland All-Island Innovation Programme, managed by Queen’s University Belfast in partnership with NUI Galway, University College Dublin and University College Cork. The programme aims to promote and encourage innovation across the island of Ireland by disseminating international best practice to audiences of businesses, academics, researchers and students.

The innovation lecture, which is free to attend, is aimed primarily at members of the local business and industry community who are interested in exploring innovative ways to develop and grow their businesses, academics specialising in innovation, and local policy makers.

Aidan Gough, Strategy & Policy Director at InterTradeIreland, said, “For the ambitious firm, achieving sustainable, innovation-led growth is both a complex and challenging imperative.  Internal capabilities are no longer sufficient to gain and sustain competitive advantage as companies must draw on external resources and expertise across the island and beyond to be successful.”

Professor Christopher Tucci, an author, is Chair in Corporate Strategy & Innovation, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.

Professor Tucci’s lecture will examine how some of the world’s leading companies stay ahead of their competition when faced with new technology that threatens to destroy them. Using examples from the energy, military, entertainment and ICT sectors he will demonstrate the innovation response strategies that incumbents need to adopt if they wish to grow and prosper.

Professor Tucci, co-author of the books Nurturing Science-Based Ventures and Internet Business Models and Strategies, has many years experience advising businesses of all sizes on how to use innovation as a means to increase their market share.

During his lecture Professor Tucci will also outline the distinction between radical and incremental innovation and will also outline his latest research on how businesses can manage and thrive throughout the process of ‘creative destruction’.

Speaking in advance of his lecture Professor Tucci said, ‘My advice to local businesses that wish to prosper and grow, especially in the current economic climate, is to think not only about current product offerings, but about a continuing stream of new products and services and the best way to commercialize them’.

Professor Tony Gallagher, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Academic Planning, Staffing and External Relations at Queen’s University Belfast said, ‘Professor Tucci’s visit provides a fantastic opportunity for the local business community to get first-hand insight into business development from a world-class expert in this field. We are delighted to host such a prestigious event at Queen’s University’.

Professor Tucci’s lecture, entitled Managing Technological Change Through Innovation:What’s an Incumbent to Do?, will take place at 6pm on Monday 2 April 2012, Riddel Hall, Stranmillis Road, Queen’s University Belfast.

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