Imperative Energy and OpenHydro win GCCA 2011 Later Stage Awards

OpenHydro and Imperative Energy were among the Top 10 winners in the Global Cleantech Cluster Association’s 2011 Later Stage Award, which were announced at a gala ceremony in Dublin last night.

The GCCA said the winning companies from North America and Europe represent the world’s leading cleantech clusters in the categories of biofuels, energy efficiency/green buildings, new materials, renewable energy, solar, storage/smart grid, transportation, waste, water and wind energy.

“Our Top 10 winners are truly the best in class and companies to watch,” said Ben Taube, chairman of the GCCA. “In each category, these companies are making both broad strides in their global industries as well as working closely with their regional cleantech clusters to build sustainable green economies and jobs.”

The Later Stage Award Top 10 winners were selected from an original pool of 4,000 eligible companies represented by the GCCA’s 33 member clusters. Each cluster conducted internal evaluations to nominate up to 10 companies in the 10 categories.

“Cleantech clusters are critical for clean technologies to mature into mainstream life,” said Cal Hackeman, cleantech global leader at Grant Thornton International, which sponsors the GCCA Later Stage Award. “These winners highlight the most innovative technologies, business models and strategies coming out of the world’s clusters and we are pleased to support and amplify their success.”

The Global Top 10 Later Stage Award Winners – 2011

Best in Biofuels – Imperative Energy

Dublin, Ireland (cluster: An sTli Ghlas – The Green Way)

With offices in Ireland and the UK, Imperative Energy Ltd (IEL) is a bioenergy project developer with 35 active installations.  Partnering with best-in-class technology providers from across Europe, IEL is expanding rapidly in terms of turnover and profitability. The company completed one round of fundraising (€29m) in 2009) and is embarking on a further round of fundraising to accelerate growth in UK and Ireland and prepare for entry into the US market.

Best of Renewable Energy – OpenHydro

Dublin, Ireland (cluster: An sTli Ghlas – The Green Way)

Tidal energy technology company OpenHydro is involved in designing and manufacturing marine turbines for generating renewable energy from tidal streams. The company’s vision is to deploy arrays of tidal turbines under the world’s oceans, silently and invisibly generating electricity at no cost to the environment. OpenHydro has a project portfolio spanning the USA, Canada, France, Scotland and the UK’s Channel Islands with utility partners including EDF, Nova Scotia Power and SSE Renewables.

Best of Energy Efficiency/Green Buildings – Albeo Technologies

Boulder, CO (cluster: Colorado Cleantech IA)
Albeo Technologies is a leading manufacturer of white-LED lighting systems for general illumination.  The company has grown 775pc  over three years.  Its deployments include high-bay LED lighting for Apple’s iCloud data center and Caterpillar’s large engine manufacturing facility.

Best of New Materials – Beneq

Vantaa, Finland (cluster: Finnish Cleantech)

Beneq is a supplier of equipment and coating technology. It develops applications and equipment for cleantech and renewable energy fields, especially in glass, solar and emerging thin film markets. Coating applications include optics, barriers and passivation layers, as well as energy generation and conservation. Beneq also offers complete coating services.

Best of Solar – Solaris Synergy Systems

Chicago, Illinois USA (cluster: Chicago Clean Energy)

Solaris Synergy Systems was founded in 2008 in Jerusalem. The company has developed a breakthrough solar-on-water power generation system. Most of the sun’s energy hitting the earth falls on water surfaces. Solaris Synergy has signed contracts with Mekerot, Israel’s national water company and largest consumer of electricity, and France’s EDF, the world’s largest utility company.

Best of Storage/Smart Grid – PowerGenix

San Diego, California USA (cluster: CleanTECH San Diego)

PowerGenix is the leading developer of Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) batteries, which boast significant advantages over other advanced batteries in energy and power density, cost, safety, toxicity and recyclability. NiZn batteries are an ideal solution for applications that demand large amounts of power in a small, lightweight and safe package, especially micro-hybrid (start/stop) vehicles.

Best of Transportation – SAM Group

Zurich, Switzerland, (cluster: swisscleantech)

The Swiss company developed, built and launched the electric vehicle Sam EV II. Over 120 vehicles at a net price of €4,000 have been sold in several European countries so far.

Best of Waste – Newalta

Brossard, Quebec (cluster: EcoTech Quebec)

Newalta is Canada’s leading industrial waste management and environmental services company. The company pushes beyond conventional thinking about waste, to find solutions that transform waste into new products that will contribute to a customer’s bottom line and reduce their environmental footprint. Where product recovery isn’t possible, Newalta find ways to reduce the production of waste at the source.

Best of Water – Rentricity

New York, New York USA (cluster: NYC Acre)

Rentricity recovers energy from excess water pressure in pipes to produce clean, renewable electricity. Rentricity targets water, wastewater and industrial infrastructure to integrate its Flow-to-Wire configurations. Electricity produced can either be sold into the electric grid or used behind-the-meter.

Best of Wind – Moventas

Jyväskylä, Finland (cluster: Finnish Cleantech)

Finnish Moventas is one of the largest manufacturers of wind turbine gears in the world. Moventas also provides extensive services for gear overhaul and maintenance.

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