Europe's Young Green Innovators Showcase Ideas For a Low Carbon Future – March 25th 2011

A showcase of innovative projects that would help to promote a low carbon future will take place on Friday, 25th March, at the European Commission’s Office, Dawson Street, Dublin 2. The showcase will commence at 9am and run until 5pm.

The event will mark the conclusion of Challenge Europe, a three-year programme that supported young people to become leaders in climate change. The programme was developed and supported by the British Council.

Challenge Europe began in 2008 and saw 600 participants – aged 18 to 30 – from all corners of Europe develop initiatives that promote a low-carbon future in enterprise, policy and human behaviour. The project participants included 52 young advocates from Ireland, North and South. Over 30 Challenge Europe advocates from 11 European countries will visit Dublin for the international showcase event.

Among the projects to be showcased at Friday’s event will be Street Feast (, which is an annual city-wide picnic using local produce;, a website that provides entrepreneurs with tools and suggestions on potential business growth in their locations; and the Project Better Place, a successful campaign to push for electric car infrastructure in Northern Ireland.

During the event, advocates for Challenge Europe will introduce their projects and show how practical local action can change business practice, policy and public behaviour in Ireland and across Europe. There will also be presentations on policy recommendations from Dr Tara Shine from the Mary Robinson Foundation; Professor John Mitchell from the UK Met Office and BBC TV Presenter Dick Strawbridge on climate science, global/local priorities and communicating climate issues. The day will culminate with a discussion on possible options for a zero carbon Europe in 2030.

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